2010 HPA Workshops

The first 2010 HPA Workshop was conducted by Grandmaster Jiang on March 27th

10 Different Methods of Balance for All

Balance is important for all activities and sports, especially for adults and seniors. Based upon his teaching experience of more than 40 years, Grandmaster Jiang designed 10 different methods of balance training to share with the HPA community, especially for teachers who guide adults and seniors. Each instructor can use his experience, and apply it to their own teaching style

10 Different Methods of Balance

  1. Standing Like a Pine Tree for Balance
  2. Focus on one point for balance
  3. Focus on Bai Hui point for balance
  4. Mind and body connection for balance
  5. Head support for balance
  6. Change focus for balance
  7. Waist change for balance
  8. Breathing for balance
    1. inhale - no good
    2. exhale - better
    3. hold breathing - good
    4. hold breathing with sound - best
  9. Imagination for balance
    1. draw circle
    2. walk in air
    3. dance in air
  10. Curling the tongue for balance
    (See Tai Chi Magazine Article)

2010 Workshop Photos