Instructor Policy

  1. There are no contracts associated with being an HPA Certified Instructor. You can stop at any time. If you like, continue; if not, stop and resign.
  2. If an HPA Instructor does not conduct an HPA Workshop, or participate in a training session with Grandmaster Jiang, within three years of certification, their certification will be revoked.
  3. If you stop and resign, or your certification is revoked, all training material must be returned to HPA. You are no longer permitted to use these copyright training materials for teaching in your business.
  4. All HPA instructors should conduct a minimum of 6 hours of workshops each year.   Each workshop should have a minimum of 6 paid participants.    If you cannot find enough participants this year, you may carry over into next year. The 6 hours can be either one 6 hour workshop, or two 3 hour workshops.
    The workshops can be on any of the active HPA DVD titles that you have received. The workshops can be conducted at anytime to meet your individual scheduling requirements.
  5. Instructors should contact HPA one month prior to a planned seminar, with information about the location, workshop topic and number of participants, to arrange for the necessary T-shirts, certificates, etc.
  6. Student evaluations - Students at the HPA Workshops will be asked to evaluate the instructors for their workshops. If your students evaluate you poorly, HPA has the authority to restrict your teaching of the HPA material until further training is completed.
  7. If you move (that is, change your local area) you can still continue as a local HPA instructor. However, you may need to co-ordinate with HPA and other local instructors already in that geographical area to determine where you can conduct HPA Workshops.

If you have any questions or need more information
Please e-mail HPA and we'll be glad to respond.