The HPA Logo

Grandmaster Jiang Jianye and the Health Preservation Association have chosen the Taiji Diagram as the centerpiece of a logo for the Health Preservation Association (HPA).

The Taiji Diagram is one of China's cultural treasures, with a long and rich history. There have been many groups and individuals who have taken the Taiji Diagram as their trademark or emblem. These include Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts especially Taijiquan, and Qigong. The Taiji Diagram represents both a symbol and guide to ancient Chinese arts of preserving the body and nurturing life.

A brief explanation of the Taiji Diagram

The Taiji Diagram takes the circle as its overall shape. Inside the circle, there are two symmetrical tear-drop shapes. These two fish-shaped halves of the diagram are colored with one white (or light) and the other black (or dark). Each side of diagram also has a small circle of the opposite color within it. The Taiji Diagram uses the circle to represent the universe. The white colored side is the Yang Fish, representing the heavens. The black colored side is the Yin Fish, representing the earth. The small circles contained in each side indicate nothing is ever completely Yang or completely Yin. Within extreme Yang there is always the seed of Yin, and within extreme Yin the seed of Yang. Dividing the two fish within the circle is an S-shaped curve or line representing mankind, the human body being bounded by the heaven and the earth. Life is often represented by the symbol of a circle. The circle is simple in shape, and stable in form. Its image is both natural and harmonious. The symmetric separation of Yin and Yang with an S-shaped curve is balanced and natural. The unity and harmony of life can be seen in it.

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