Welcome to the USA Health Preservation Association

What is the HPA?
The USA Health Preservation Association(HPA) is an Association whose purpose is to train competent, highly qualified instructors to help prevent illness and disability in healthy individuals and to support persons with chronic illness or disabiliy to regain and maintain maximum health and longevity.

Focus of the Program
This educational program focuses on methods and techniques to prevent illness and disability. While it is not a substitute for medical care, it does provide well-tested methods that have been helpful to those who have used them for centuries.

The HPA has developed specific programs for maintaining health and wellbeing. These programs focus on many ailments and target organs for better health and healing.

Grandmaster Jiang's 2016 China Trip

Jiang Jianye HPA 2016 China TaiChi Cultural Exchange Trip
Grandmaster Jiang Jianye will be leading one trip to China in 2016

See the China Trip Itinerary or for more information please call or e-mail HPA

If you have any questions or need more information
Please e-mail HPA and we'll be glad to respond.